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Architectural + Exhibit Concepts, Entertainment Design, Preliminary Sketches, Product Illustration.
Architectural Illustration, Hyper-Rendering, Isometric, Phantom + Cutaway Illustration, Identity + Icon Design.
Scientific Illustration, Renderings, Diagrams, Info-Illustration, Instructional,
Nature Studies.
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Skype: jesse.koreck
Jesse Koreck is an illustrator, designer + concept artist based in Waterloo,
ON, Canada.

He earned his Bachelor of Applied Arts
(BAA - Illustration) with a focus on Technical and Scientific Illustration from
Sheridan College.
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Concept Design
Scientific Illustration
Concept Design
Concept Design
Technical Illustration
Concept Art
Technical Illustration
Product Icons
Scientific Illustration
Scientific Illustration
Concept Design
Scientific Illustration
Poster Art
Concept Art
Scientific Illustration
Technical Rendering
Concept Art
Character Design
Identity / Icon Design
Concept Design
Development / Exhibits.

Besides You - App Launch / Icon Development
10.01.2011 - Coming this fall 2011 to the iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad. BesidesYou - Meet people nearby.
Empire of the Beetle by Andrew Nikiforuk - Book Release / Cover Art
09.30.2011 - Coming this fall 2011 from GreyStone Books, D&M Publishers, Co-publisher: David Suzuki Foundation.
Exposing some startling connections between beetles and humans, one of North America's foremost environmental writers investigates the continent's massive forest die-off.
Featured in Earth:8083 Exhibit - !dea Gallery @ The Ontario Science Centre
03.01.2010 - This multi-media exhibit explores meeting-points between nature, technology, and the future, with both thoughtfulness and humour.
Earth: 8083 core development team: Tyler Doupe, David Dryburgh, Erin Hueston, Kim Hughes, Tony Linka, Maurice Tanudarta
Exhibition contributors: Paul Hong, Steve Huynh, Annie Kim, Jesse Koreck, Hayley Manners, Steve McPhee, Mark Stajan, Kirk Zimmerman.
Exhibit Production - The Ontario Science Centre
08.23.2009 - TBA, 2010 @ The Ontario Science Centre. Displaying innovative concepts in the OSC’s New !dea Gallery.
Applied Arts Magazine
08.02.2009 - Featured In July/August 2009 - Volume 24, Number 4
Canon Illustration Academic Award
04.25.2009 - Recipient of the Canon Canada Illustration Academic Award for the 2009-2010 Academic Year.
Illustration Book Release
04.19.2009 - Showcasing the Illustration Talent of 80 Illustration Graduates. - Sheridan 09' (Available at Swipe Books - Limited Supply)
Exhibit / Gallery - 2009 Sheridan Illustration Grad Show
04.03.2009 - April 23rd-24th, 2009 @ The Burroughes Building - 3rd Floor, 639 Queen West, Toronto
BAA. Bachelor of Applied Arts - Illustration
(Graduated with honors) with a focus on Scientific/Technical Illustration - Sheridan Institute, class of 2009

For more information regarding quotes, projects, freelance work and any other enquires please send an email to:
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