Medical professionals spend a great deal of time with paperwork. Their need for documenting wound care dressings and burns turns out to be the same.
Stencia wanted to expand their app to handle wound care intake and dressings. The dressings have long names and abbreviations are not always ideal. The initial user experience and interfaces came together from a simple idea with limited resources. It was never holistically designed to handle all the items and options that were added along the way.
The team reached out to me to help solve a few key user experience needs to expand their dressing option selection and to provide a more holistic and polished experience.

Onboarding and Scalability.
We introduced an onboarding experience to direct the user down the intended path for wound care intake, dressings, burn intake, surgery and fluid resuscitation. Since height and weight affected Body Surface Area (BSA) calculations, we asked for this information upfront in order to display calculations correctly in the UI.
We built an efficient and consistent method to input medical treatment information across all burn intake, surgery, wound care intake and dressings. We consolidated many actions on screen into one actionable pattern which brings up a picker sheet to display options that can be applied to the patient.
New Features and Enhancements.
Audit—I conducted an audit of the existing app. I provided notes on areas of improvement, captured broken windows, and offered recommendations. I worked closely with the team to align on these improvements and discussed what could be within scope.
Illustrations—We updated the human figure with a more refined classical androgynous figure.
Custom Labels—We introduced a new Custom Label function for even greater flexibility. 
Editing—We also introduced an eraser function to allow for more accurate drawing and editing.
Identification—We provided the ability to add and edit a medical professional’s Tenant ID—a unique identifier—so that the user can upload a PDF report directly to Cerner and reduce paperwork.
Design System—We created a top down holistic design so that the app is coherent and intuitive to use. A new design system and component pattern library was created in Figma to help elevate the entire user experience and interface.

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